Production Format

The first show set a pattern of consecutive Sunday performances, with a cast in black evening wear, performing from script, no props and no scenery. The guest speaker was Jose Ferrer, beginning a tradition of celebrity introductions which have since featured: Kitty Carlisle Hart, Sandy Wilson, Anne Kaufman, Schneider, Sheridan Morley, Joseph Stein, Albert Hague, Ethan Mordden, Theodore S. Chapin, Herbert Kretzmer and many others with a unique knowledge of the shows in performance.

Some 2500 actors have taken part in the performances. Actors and singers are mainly drawn from London's Royal National Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Companies, the West End and the Broadway stage and have included: Henry Goodman, Kenneth Haigh, Louise Gold, Dilys Laye, Thelma Ruby, Daniel Massey, Frank Thornton, Gavin Lee, Lauren Ward, Kitty Carlisle, David de Keyser, Desmond Barrit, Sam Kelly, Betsy Blair, Sara Kestelman, Janie Dee, Denis Quilley, James Corden.

The actors are not paid and give their services to the charity. The Music Directors, the team, working on LOST MUSICALS™ include Mark Warman, Mark Dorrell, Kevin Amos, Gareth Valentine and Jason Carr. More often than not the music accompaniment is piano only, however, both the BBC Concert Orchestra and the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra have performed the original orchestrations.